Stated Meeting

As the ancient Sciots met the Egyptians on the 3rd moon to trade and celebrate in merriment, we we at Los Angeles Pyramid 59, in the neighborhood of Los Feliz, meet on the 3rd Saturday at 9am of each month for our Stated Meeting.

Elysian Masonic Temple

1900 N Vemront Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Seb Badoyan,
Toparch 2024

(626) 234-4378


Famous Sciots

Charles Lindbergh
Charles Lindbergh
American Aviator

Frank S Land
Frank S Land
Founder of DeMolay

Frank S Land
Luther Burbank
Botanist / Horticulturist

Barry Goldwater
Barry Goldwater
Senator from Arizona

William D Stephens
William D Stephens
Governor of California


Who and What are the Sciots?

Sciots are a Masonic-Affiliated organization – every Sciot is a Master Mason – dedicated to the proposition that every Sciot is his brother’s keeper. Our motto is “Boost One Another!”, and we strive to carry this ideal into practical application.
We are an organization that values family involvement, and clean, wholesome fun.
Many of our activities are focused on fun and entertainment. But we have a more serious purpose. Beyond our underlying support of Masonry in general, and our desire to boost one another, The Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots, through the Sciots Foundation, helps and supports children in need, particularly members of the Masonic Youth Orders – DeMolay, Job’s Daughters, and Rainbow for Girls.

Our History

Sciots were founded in San Francisco in 1905 by Charles H. S. Pratt. It was originally a social fraternity, but soon became much more – it was an organization dedicated to helping all Masons, whenever opportunity and need arose. That purpose continues to this day – we focus on assisting Craft Masonry whenever and wherever we can.

Who is Eligible?

All Master Masons in good standing are eligible for membership in the Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots.

Our Organization

The Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots exists under the authority of The Supreme Pyramid, and under the leadership of the Pharaoh of All Sciotry. The local bodies are known as Pyramids, each with its own officers, by-laws, and activities. The presiding officer of the local Pyramid is called the Toparch. Sciotry has Pyramids throughout California, as well as in New Jersey and Illinois. We are working on establishing Pyramids in other states, most notably Arizona, New York, Florida and Nevada.

Our Activities

Our activities are many and varied, and include:


Sporting events, cruises, dances, concerts, bus trips, picnics, Food Festivals, Car Shows, camping, rodeos, social nights, games, fundraisers, talent shows, and many, many more.

Youth Support:

Youth order sponsorship, fundraisers, financial assistance to youth in need through the Sciots Foundation, attendance at Youth Order meetings, Sciots serving on Advisory Boards/Councils, and other activities.


Blue Lodge degree teams, Blue Lodge attendance, membership assistance, schools of instruction, candidate coaching, and many other Lodge support activities.

For more information about Sciotry contact:

2024 Toparch Seb Badoyan at (626) 234-4378,

2024 Scribe (Secretary)
Harry Rostamian
(818) 631-1025

Founding Toparch
Frank Barbano
(323) 394-2447

Honoring Dedicated Service To Masonry





2024 Officers:

Seb Badoyan

Ronald J. Perez

Guillermo Quezada

Charlie Fisher

Haik Hairapetian

Herair "Harry" Rostamian

Vatche Kiwainian

Ed Sargsyan

Gallen Hernandez

Giuseppe Ariola
Founding Member

Dick Wayne Sauer

C. Giuseppe Ariola

Robert Edis

Ohannes Antabian

Steve Herman
Standard Bearer

Albert Saryan
Standard Bearer

Merrick Hamer

Michael D.T. Smith, PT
Trustee 1

Guillermo Quezada
Trustee 2

Frank Barbano
Trustee 3

Simon McIlroy

Keith Kramer
*Etkalem Bebote

Jordan Lawson Harris
*Rafad Mayyah

Ralp Lopez

Steven Klein

Juan Jose Gonzalez Garcia

Freddy Bon

David Williams

Jonas Olguin

William Lopez
*Rizeen Kaber

Arsen Tovmasyan

*Important and Coveted Non-Official Sciot Titles

Made It All Happen In L.A., Charter Members

Frank Barbano, PT 2022
Mike Selix, PP
Giuseppe Ariola
Ron Alcorn, PT
Duane Nead, PP
Chuck Shubert, PP
Alfredo Bon, PT
Robert Edis, PT
Meyer Peters Goetz
Dan Dugo, PT
Juan Carlos Ortega
Howard Stevenson, PT
Bill Hunt, PP

Cornerstone Award Recipients 2022

Sevak Petrosyan
(Magnolia Park Lodge 618)

Seb Badoyan
(Oasis Lodge 854)

Kenneth James Hoerricks
(Archimedes Lodge 871)

Herbert Edward Pompey
(San Marino Lodge 408)

Levon Sarkis Kavlakian
(Ararat Lodge 848)

Keith Douglas Kramer
(Hollywood Lodge 618)

Herair Avadis Rostamanian
(E Segundo Lodge 421)

Ronald J Perez
(Elysian Lodge 418)

Irving Rosenbloom
(Elysian Lodge 418)

Guillermo Quezada
(Elysian Lodge 418)

Franklin Othman
(Elysian Lodge 418)

Giuseppe Carmine Ariola
(Elysian Lodge 418)

Edward Sargsyan
(Elysian Lodge 418)

Haik Hairepetian
(Elysian Lodge 418)

Nolie Yabut
(Elysian Lodge 418)

Perfecto Jun Gallardo
(Elysian Lodge 418)

Jonatahn Kanarek
(Elysian Lodge 418)

Ron Alcorn, III
(Los Angeles Pyramid 59 AEOS)

Michael D.T. Smith
(Los Angeles Pyramid 59 AEOS)

Simon Aristide McIlroy
(Los Angeles Pyramid 59 AEOS)

Michael Gerald Selix
(Pharaoh of all Sciotry)

Toparch’s Personal Appreciation of Special Masons

Michael Gerald Selix
(Pharaoh of all Sciotry)

Steven Klein
(Los Angeles Pyramid 59 AEOS)

Diego Thomas
(Los Angeles Pyramid 59 AEOS)

Jonathan Asis
(Masonic Inspector)

Jeff Yates
(Masonic Inspector)

Arthur Zabounian
(Pasadena RiteCare President)

Rees Padfield
(Pasadena RiteCare Director and Valley PR)

Gregory J. Gabriel
(Pasadena RiteCare Director)

William Rook
(Pasadena RiteCare Director)

Chris Lebedeff
(Pasadena Scottish Rite, Lighting & Stagecraft)

Charlie Fisher
(Los Angeles Pyramid 59 AEOS)

Hanna Barbano
(Princess Award)

Link to DONATE

L.A. Sciots Initiate Most Wor Sean Metroka,
Grand Master of California !


Los Angeles SCIOTS Hosts The
Semi-Annual Sessions of Supreme Sciots

Los Angeles SCIOTS Donate $5,000


Food Festival 2022

Food Festival logo

Car Show 2022


Cornerstone Awards 2022


Installation 2022

The winners of the Arm-Wrestling competition were:

1st - Haik Hairapetian
2nd - Gunay Tanner
3rd - Seb Badoyan